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Everything you need to know about me!!

                       WARNING LABEL:  (If you end up hating me after reading this, whatever. I don' t care. This wasn't made for you to like me Im just informing you about me.)

1. Personality/ About Me:
Im very cool at times. I'm neat, smart, funny(on rare occasions). I hardly go to shows. I am not a fan of sports, I can try them/ play it once in a while, But I cannot stand to watch it. Except for fencing. I used to fencing and it was the shit. I rather be the person that has fun, rather than being the one who reads about them. My favorite color would be Purple, then Green. I am the kind of person who speaks their mind at times. I wont always speak it, but if its published anywhere, its livejournal, regardless of what anyone says. . I am a constant nail biter. Other than the power rangers, I love the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (animated series). I love Donatello and his Bo staff. Other things I like are the SNES, SEGA, NES, Gameboy + Color emulators and roms I have. I love anime too. One day I hope to finally see Shaman King and One Piece, untouched by 4Kids. My favorite anime would mostly be Vampire Hunter D. I prefer Marvel Comics to DC. Ghost rider Johnny Blaze (fuck you Gambit for that incident at Providence) will always be number one. I label everyone and most likely always will. There are people who say they dont, but they know they truly want to. If you actually read this just Im me one day, dont put me in the dungeon, or just comment that and one of my entries. I also hate people who are very hypocritical of what they do and say, but in the future they deny it. this is too long, its kinda best if I skip onto the rest.

Im only into wenches of excellent discourse. Ones that are pretty and witty, wild and gentle. good enough for me

I listen to almost everything, but mostly metal and if I listen to a rap song its because it was a funny song. I hate rap with a passion. who cares if im black and I dont like rap.. Talk about something different for once. and no I dont listen to songs where all they say is, " I wanna kill myself." If you say that then you've never listened to what I listen to, but I used to listen to rap and I've just about had enough. Oh, and gotta love my showtunes

Packer for Jewish Baker, school at Peanut Butter and Cumcumber College.

5. My Dreams:
Become a film director in the future, and make good movies, that would get me nominated for Oscars and other awards. If if were the Oscars, being nominated would be enough, in my book, when it comes to being nominated for an award, all nominees have already won, the awarded person is just the true victor.
B. Have my own comedy show, not in sketches like MADTV, or Saturday Night Live. But kind of like Crossballs, but instead have four people sitting down on a chair talking about the eventful things happening in life and making jokes about it, (you know, politics, celebrity issues, etc.)
C. Destroy 4kids and invest in alot of shit.

6. My Best friends:
In order to have best friends, there must be a thing called trust, which you should have, and that thing called deception, which you better not have. Thats a walking mine field for you. But besides that theres Danny.

7. What I define as friends:
People Ive hung out with outside of school
Acquaintances: People I talk to at school
Online Friends: People Ive spoken to online, but actually never met
Best Friends: It applys to friends, and people who are real fun to hang out with. Along with people I can relate to and those who have ever helped me out in a difficult situations. you have to apply to all of those, to become one of my best friends

Well Thats all folks. Thanks for taking your time to read this

                                                          And dont forget , my entries are 


Dont worry. I'll add anyone and everyone. Just comment on my Friends only entry telling me to add you. you add me first. I add you back.

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